Using the Prompt Messagebox

When you use the prompt in JavaScript, your IE browser will probably block it because it thinks it is a pop up. Here is Microsoft’s description and the way to fix it. Notice in my screen shot I changed my custom security settings. Go to Active scripting and enable “websites to prompt for information using scripted windows”

This website is using a scripted window to ask you for information. If you trust this website, click here to allow scripted windows.

Internet Explorer has blocked a website from using a small program (called a script) to display a separate window. Hackers sometimes use scripted windows to mimic legitimate windows, such as login screens, that appear on websites. If you trust the website and want to allow the scripted window, click the Information Bar, and then click Temporarily Allow Scripted Windows. To always allow scripted windows, check the Allow websites to prompt for information using scripted windows custom security setting.