Santiago Canyon College


JavaScript Programming

Ron Kessler


(20 pts)



Description & Instructions


For your first project, I want you to build me a pretend e-commerce web page based on any fictitious business or hobby that you want. The page must have the following parts:


1.    A title that will show up in the browser.


2.    A welcome greeting or page introduction that looks cool.


3.    A menu (list) showing at least 5 items you are selling on your site.


4.    Each menu item must have a mouse roll-over effect. When the mouse hovers, change the     color of the link or the size of the font or something!


5.    At least one(1) working hyperlink that goes to a real site related to your business.


6.    Make sure you have both html & CSS comments on your page where appropriate.



Formatting the Page


I want you to use CSS in your page. You may place the CSS in the page itself or in an external CSS page. Please make the background of the page some color (not white).


1.    Use at least one CSS Selector for an XHTML tag.


2.    Use at least on CSS Selector for an element's id.


3.    And yes, use a CSS Selector for a class you define.



The project is due week #7