JavaScript Events
Event Handler Event that it handles
onBlur User has left the focus of the object. For example, they clicked away from a text field that was previously selected.
onChange User has changed the object, then attempts to leave that field (i.e. clicks elsewhere).
onClick User clicked on the object.
onDblClick User clicked twice on the object.
onFocus User brought the focus to the object (i.e. clicked on it/tabbed to it)
onKeydown A key was pressed over an element.
onKeyup A key was released over an element.
onKeypress A key was pressed over an element then released.
onLoad The object has loaded.
onMousedown The cursor moved over the object and mouse/pointing device was pressed down.
onMouseup The mouse/pointing device was released after being pressed down.
onMouseover The cursor moved over the object (i.e. user hovers the mouse over the object).
onMousemove The cursor moved while hovering over an object.
onMouseout The cursor moved off the object
onReset User has reset a form.
onSelect User selected some or all of the contents of the object. For example, the user selected some text within a text field.
onSubmit User submitted a form.
onUnload User left the window (i.e. user closes the browser window).