Computer Science 100 is a course that is designed to give students an introduction to computer concepts, terminology, and the ethical and personal issues we face when using today's electronic devices.  Students will learn about the development of computers, how computers systems work, and how they are being used today. You will learn techniques for working with Windows and MS Office. I will instruct you on how to use MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Expression Web. I will also show you how to maintain and "tune-up" your own computer and teach you how to work more effectively with technology. You will also learn how to create a web site (Except for the 8-week class).

There will be time to work on projects in class and I will teach you all the skills necessary to complete your projects. I will be available to assist you individually or in small groups outside of class if you need extra help.

How to Contact Me...

The easiest and most reliable way to contact me is through e-mail. That way, I can respond to you from home and on week-ends.


Your grade in this course is based on the percentage of points you earn. You may access your grades at any time via my website using your logon information. Final grades in this course are determined as follows: