CS 100
Some Key Things to Study for Exam 2

There are 50 multiple choice questions  @ 2 points each
Bring an #882 Scantron & Pencil

  • CD-R vs CD-RW, DVD + RW, DVD - RW, etc
  • Computer platform & CPU's
  • Different types of printers
  • Dot pitch & monitors
  • DVD vs CD
  • SDRAM, DRAM, DDR, Flash Memory, how much RAM is in your machine?

  • Ethernet ports vs Modems

  • IP address...what are they for? What if yours is
  • Hard drive heads...where are they? What does fragmented disk mean?

  • What to look for in a new Hard drive. Speed, capacity, access time.
  • High vs Low resolution photos
  • How do you connect a digital camera to computer?
  • How print jobs are stored on a network
  • BlueTooth /FireWire/ USB
  • MS-DOS vs GUI
  • Multiprocessing vs Multitasking
  • First Network version of Windows
  • O/S features/purpose. Security vs Multimedia...interface, hardware, software.
  • VGA port
  • Authentication

  • Recycle bin behaviors

  • What things to upgrade and what things not to...

  • Ready Boost
  • Reliability of disk vs tape vs CD
  • XP utilities (Backup, Restore, Defrag, Cleanup)
  • Major control panel applets and Task Manager
  • Centrino Technology, GPS

  • What is quick launch?
  • Understand High vs Low Resolution
  • Virtual memory...what is it? Where is it? Swap file?
  • Which version of windows combines business with personal features?
  • Review Major types of mobile devices (PDA's Tablet PC) and their features or benefits.
  • What does POST do?

  • What is driver software?