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Welcome to CS121! This class is designed for students who plan to be Computer Science majors and transfer to a 4-year college. This is the second semester course in C++. You must have completed CS120 before taking this class. This class meets 4 hours each week because a lab is part of the course.

I am going to teach you how to build native C++ apps as well as Windows Forms applications.
You will find unmanged/native, managed console, and GUI versions for each topic.

I have placed the sample projects and other materials on this page for you. Click on the presentation you want to review. To download a project, click on the item here and Windows will ask where to save your file.
It is easiest to save them on your desktop and move them later. The samples should open in Visual Studio 2015 Community edition.



Projects & Demos

  • Start Here: Get your software installed.
  • Review Lesson(See CS120 page)
  • EXAM 1
  • Covers Review. Lesson Review Sheet here
  • Lesson 5
    • File I/O, Try-Catch, Custom Methods, StreamReader, and StreamWriter (Murach Chapter 17 & Allain Chapter 28)
    • Binary File I/O

File I/O Videos: (These are in C# but C++ is very similar!)

  • Videos:
  • Exam 2 on Lesson 5
  • Lesson 6
    Custom Functions, properties & Classes (Murach Chapters 12 & 14, Chapters 6 & 24 in Allain).



  • Compute area Part 1 shows how to use a class to compute area of a room.
  • Part 2 shows how to use the class three times to compute area of three rooms
  • Extra Stuff
    Projects for fun
  • EXAM 3
  • Covers Entire Course

Too cool!

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All rights reserved.
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All materials are provided for the exclusive use of my students. Please contact me for permission to reproduce or use these presentations.




Classroom Projects


These will be the ones we do in class together. I will upload them after class so you can have them.

  • Lesson 5: Lesson 6:
    •  Properties
    • Custom Functions
    • Classes Part 1
    • Classes Part 2
    • Overloaded Methods
    • Overloaded Constructors

C++ Language & Concepts

Built-In Types



  • Bitwise Logic and Operators
    • AND operator
    • OR operator
    • XOR operator
    • Bit shifting operators