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Welcome to CS131! This class is designed for students who plan to be Computer Science majors and transfer to a 4-year college. This is the third semester course in C++. You must have completed CS121 before taking this class. This class meets 3 hours each week because there is no lab.

We will be using both C++ native code as well as Windows Forms GUI code.
I have placed the sample projects and other materials on this page for you. Click on the presentation you want to review. To download a project, click on the item here and Windows will ask where to save your file. It is easiest to save them on your desktop and move them later.



Projects & Demos

  • Start Here: Get your software installed.
  • Get Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition installed on your computer.
  • Setting up Visual Studio for C++ Desktop Applications
  • Review Lesson
    See CS120 & 121 pages for other samples


  • Review of  .Net Data Types
  • Review of C++ Data Types (Slides) (Chapter 4 in Murach)
  • Simple data entry with variables
  • Data Types & casting
  • If & switch
  • Counted & Logic loops
  • For Each loops & controls collection
  • File I/O and exception handling
  • Working with custom methods and custom classes
  • Hybrid Demo for Binary File IO
  • EXAM 1
  • Covers Everything up to this point.   CLR Version only!
  • Lesson 7
    How to work with pointers, arrays, & iterators (Allain Chapters 12 & 13- first 4-5 pages)

Data Structures I: Ways to Group Related Data

Unmanaged/Native Code Version Using Alex Allain book


  • Lesson 8
    How to work with collections (Murach Chapter 8, Allain chapter 7)
Data Structures II: Using Objects/Containers to Group Related Data

Native Code version (Chapters 7 & 11 in Allain)

Managed Code (Murach Chapt. 8)

  • EXAM 2
  • Covers Lessons 7 & 8
  • Lesson 9
    How to work with specialized structures (Murach Chapter 8).
    • Linked lists Chapter 15 in Allain)

Native Code version (Chapters 7 & 11 in Allain)

Managed Code (Murach Chapt. 8)

  • EXAM 3
  • Covers Lessons 7, 8 & 9
Data Structures III: Working with Relational Databases in Managed Code
  • Lesson 10
    • Relational Databases
    • MS Access & SQL (More...)
  • Extras
    • Windows Universal Apps

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Classroom Projects

C++ Language & Structures





Database Resources


MS Access videos Using Wizards

SQL Videos & Walkthroughs