CHALLENGE #1: Hill Climber
(15 Points)


I want you to program your robot to go up my ramp until it gets to the blue line. Then it will turn around and go back to the bottom of the ramp and stop. The robot only needs to do this activity one time without tipping over or falling off the ramp!

Adjust the grade of the ramp to a point you know your machine can go up without slipping or stalling. You must set the ramp for position #5 or steeper so it will be a real hill climb!

Specific Tips

  • Make sure you know the relationship between wheel rotation and distance.
  • Look in your notes/log and figure out the best way to turn your robot around.
  • Be sure to watch your downhill speed!
  • Record your program in a Word/Power Point Document like I showed you so you can have a record of it.
  • If your robot runs out of memory, delete some audio files or one of your older programs to make room.
  • Take your time and have fun.