CHALLENGE #2: Around the Block
(30 Points)

Description Part 1(15 pts)

I want you to program your robot to move around in a big square. It will have to move around a group of houses/building just like a car going around the block. The goal is to have the robot end up in the same place it started without running into my house!

Your machine only has to do this activity one time. Any tricks you want to add to the basic challenge will add some fun and extra points for your team!

Description Part 2(15 pts)

I want you to repeat part 1 but this time add gearing to your bot. You may use higher or lower gearing and as many gears as you want/need. Any design will work. When you turn in your program, make sure you show the calculations for the gear ratio and explain how you had to modify your programming to make the bot travel the same distance.

Specific Tips

  • Make sure you know the relationship between wheel rotation and distance.
  • Look in your notes/log and figure out the best way to turn your robot 90 degrees.
  • Be sure to figure out how far it is "around the block".
  • Record your program in a Word/Power Point Document like I showed you so you can have a record of it.
  • If your robot runs out of memory, delete some audio files or one of your older programs to make room.