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I want you to program your robot to avoid a collision with another object. Using the sonar sensor, I want your bot to be able to move around the room without hitting stuff! This activity will help you figure out how to make the bot make it through a maze in challenge 5.

Your machine only has to do this activity for about 3 minutes so I can see that you programmed it to avoid obstacles and be able to turn away in another direction.

Specific Tips

  • Make sure you check/test the sonar sensor before turning your bot loose!
  • Look in your notes/log and figure out the best way to turn your robot so it can find a way around an obstacle.
  • Record your program in a Word/Power Point Document like I showed you so you can have a record of it.
  • If your robot runs out of memory, delete some audio files or one of your older programs to make room.