CHALLENGE #5: Freeway Flyer
(15 Points)


I want you to program your robot to run the track set up on our classroom floor. Your robot must move around the "freeway" without bumping into the bot in front of it. When the road is clear, then go forward just like you are driving in heavy traffic.

 Figure out the best sensor system to use. You may need to experiment a bit to find out which techniques work the best for your bot.

Your machine has to do this activity one time around the course without stalling, running into the wall, crahsing, or giving up.

Specific Tips

  • Make sure you check/test your sensor systems and design ideas before running the maze.
  • Look in your notes/log and figure out the best way to follow the course and also monitor the obstacles ahead.
  • If your robot runs out of memory, delete some audio files or one of your older programs to make room.
  • Check out Chapter 12 in your book on how to use the switch block for more than two decisions.

Sample Videos