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Welcome to C# programming! We will meet in B-102 at 5-6 PM on 2/5 for an orientation to the course. Questions? Contact me at my rpkessler@hotmail account. Send ALL homework projects to me at and make sure they are zipped up. If you use G-Mail, you can post them to Google Drive and send me the link.

See my home page for a video on how to submit homework projects!

I have placed video lectures, demonstration projects, and other materials on this page for you. Click on the presentation you want to review. To download a project, click on the item here and Windows will ask where to save your file.

1. To download a project from my site, right click on the link and choose Save Target As.
2. Then select your desktop so you can find it. Look on the desktop and you will see your zipped folder.
3. Now, right-click on that folder and choose extract all and select the desktop as the location.
4. Open that unzipped folder. You will see a file with a .sln file extension.
5. Double-click that to open the project in Visual Studio. To see file extensions turn them on in the View tab of the File explorer.

To best view my videos, open them in full-screen mode when they are playing.


Lessons & Projects


  • Start Here: Get your software installed & watch my Introduction Video (The video is in C++ but it all applies to C#)
  1. In order to work on your own computer you will need Visual Studio installed. Fortunately, Microsoft has a free version.
  2. Get Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition installed on your computer right away. You may use 2015 if you already have it.
  3. You must be using a computer with Windows 7 or greater installed. If you have a MAC you must install Windows before VS.
  • Introduction to Programming Video: Please watch this first. View it in full screen.
  • Get the project I used in this video if you want it.
  • Weeks 1-3:
    Lesson 1
    Getting To Know Visual Studio & C#
  • Assignment:
    • Read pages 1-10 in my VB E-Book so you can see how to set up Visual Studio.
    • Listen to videos 1-6 and create the projects along with me.
    • Do homework #1 (It is due Friday of week 3).
    • Study for quiz 1. You will take it online on week 3.
  • Learning to Program Video Series: Building a Windows Desktop Application
    (These are done in Visual Basic but it all applies to C#)

    1. Introduction to Visual Studio  video
    2. Your first project:Working with controls
    3. Modifying controls with Properties 
    4. Naming your controls & making them respond
  • 5. Writing code to add features video
    6. Setting up some Visual Studio Options
  • Quiz 1 will cover the first 6 videos & Chapter 2 in your book
  • Get the project I used in the videos here.
  • Weeks 4-5:
    Lesson 2

    Introduction to C# & Data Entry
    (Chapters 1-3)
  • Assignment:
    • Listen to videos for First Day Demo & data entry 1-2 and create the projects along with me. You should download my projects so you can study them.
    • Study for quiz 2. You will take it online on week 5.
  • Video/Lecture 2: Data Entry 1(Create & open project. Step-by-Step Programming)
  • Video/Lecture 3: Data Entry 2(Default Keys |Short-Cut Keys |Tool Tips | Tab Order)
  • Quiz 2 on Lesson 2
  • T/F and multiple choice
Week 6: Exam 1  Midterm Exam Covers Everything To This Point
  • Weeks 7-8
    Lesson 3

    Introduction To Variables, List box controls, Counting, & Totals. (Chapter 4)
  • Assignment:
    • Listen to videos & look at projects in this lesson.
    • Look at Ron's Pet Store Demo project & video.
    • Do homework #3. It is due Friday of week 9.
    • Study for quiz 3. You will take it online on week 9.
  • Learning about variables demo
  • C# Data Types  This PDF  lists the major data types we will be using. (Chapter 4 in Murach)
  • I need you to know:
    int (int32)

  • Video/Lecture 5: Data Entry 3 (Create & initialize decimal variables | Simple Math | Format Strings)
  • Video/Lecture 7: List Boxes & Dynamic Properties(Change form color & size at run time)
  • Video/Lecture 8: Totals & Counts(Listbox Items & pricing. Using class-level variables)
  • Quiz 3 on Lesson 3
  • Weeks 9-11
    Lesson 4

    Making Decisions (Chapter 5) & Custom Event Handlers, & Loops (p.146)
  • Assignment:
    • Look at videos & projects for Decisions Using If Statements, logical operators and Switch. Be sure to read chapter 5.
    • Look at the projects & videos for Loops.
    • Do homework #4. It is due Friday of week 11.
    • Study for quiz 4. You will take it online on week 11.
  • Video/Lecture 10: If statements Part 1 (Test network, validate textbox, confirm exit)
  • Video/Lecture 11: Working with source code regions(Put blocks of your code into regions to organize your program)
  • Video/Lecture 14: Custom Methods:(Log in to a form, multiple options and logic, group boxes, & enabling/disabling controls)
  • Trapping Multiple Controls
  • Video/Lecture 15: Handling Multiple Controls(create one handler for multiple controls, casting data types)
  • Using Logic Loops (See Loop Test Demo)
  • Quiz 4 on Lesson 4
Week 12: Final Exam Covers Entire Course
Our Schedule
Homework is due on Friday at Noon sharp!
Tests (On line) 190 2 Exams Exam 1: 90
Exam 2: 100
Week 6
Week 12
Homework Projects   60 4 @ 15 each HW#1
Week 3
Week 5
Week 9
Week 11
Quizzes (Online)
Sample Quiz
210 4 Quizzes Quiz 1: 60
Quiz 2: 50
Quiz 3: 60
Quiz 4: 40
Week 3
Week 5
Week 9
Week 11
TOTAL 460      

Too cool!

Send Homework Projects to me at

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Course Details



      Online  Quizzes  

If you cheat & try to take the quiz over you will receive a zero!

You will have approx. 2 minutes per question.


  1. Quiz 1

  2. Quiz 2

  3. Quiz 3

  4. Quiz 4



Homework Assignments

  • Get your Homework Assignments here.
  • 1- Invoice Total Project (due Friday of week 3).
  • 2-Simple Data Entry (due Friday of week 5)
  • 3- Simple Data Calculation (due week 9).
  • 4-E-Commerce project (due Friday of week 11)


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