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This page is designed to support the UCI Walking Machines graduate class. We meet once a week to expand our knowledge of basic electronics and software control of devices. The purpose of this group is to design, test, and evaluate motor and servo control systems that can be used to add locomotion to the walkers. As we progress, I will keep adding new stuff. 

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Arduino Resources

  1. Download & Install Arduino IDE

  2. Please read "Welcome to Arduino" information.

  3. Getting started with Arduino UNO

  4. Arduino Data types

  5. Arduino UNO 3 Specs

Parallax Basic Stamp Downloads

  1. Get your IDE software from Parallax and install it. Let it add USB drivers and associate your .bs2 programs. (PC or MAC)


Study Group Resources

Adding Remote Control to the Walkers (Fall 2020)


The Details

  • Lesson 1
    Getting Arduino IDE set up. Learning about basic circuits
    Create our first sketch & learn basic layout skills.
  • Introduction to Electronic Circuits & Arduino Programming
    • Arduino facts and features
    • Breadboards: how to wire components
    • LEDs and resistors
      • Our first LED circuit
      • How capacitors work: dim the LED
  • Programming
    • Our first Arduino sketch: Blinky. We will make our first Arduino program to blink the LED on our breadboard.
      • Setup & loop sections
      • Variables
      • Delay command
      • DigitalWrite command
      • Setting Pin outputs high and low
    • Downloads
  • Lesson 2
    Using DC motors. How to use diodes & transistors to control a motor.

    Working with H-Bridges to drive DC Motors.
  • H-Bridge using switches.
  • Lesson 3
    Introduction to servos.
  • Working with Servos
    • Overview & theory of operation
    • Pulse width modulation for servos
      • Programming for a standard servo
      • Programming for a continuous rotation servo
  • Programming
    • If statements & loops
    • Custom functions


  • Lesson 4
    Introduction to IR control. Decoding the IR stream with a TV remote.
  • Working with Sony IR TV Remote
    • My IR Decoding article
    • How codes are transmitted & decoded
    • Binary to decimal conversion
    • Pulse-width patterns (Scope images and demo)
  • Programming
    • Decoding demo with Basic Stamp microcontroller
    • Working with custom Arduino libraries
    • C++ Switch control structure


  • Lessons 5
    Sonar and object detection
  • Introduction to Sonar Sensors
    • Simple object detection demo
    • Roaming around with the PING sensor demo and programming code review.
  • Programming
    • Arduino: Moving a robot and avoiding objects at the same time.


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