VB 105 & C# 213



·        What is MSIL?

·        Option Explicit

·        Short-cut keys

·        Be sure to know how forms are named looking at Solution Explorer

·        How to add a tool tip.

·        Namespaces & Imports statements

·        Know properties, methods, and events.

·        Know how Messageboxes are used and what the options are.

·        What is concatenation?

·        Tab Order (starts with 0)

·        How to clear a textbox and a label.

·        How to add items to a Listbox.

·        What is the form load event and how to recognize it.

·        How to make a hyperlink on a windows form.

·        What does “ToString” do?

·        What is the Mid function used for?

·        How to manage/organize comments.

·        How to sort items in a list box.

Other stuff: