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Advanced Computer Programming Using Visual Basic

C# projects, training videos, and supporting documents

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This class is the third semester programming class for C#. If you have never programmed before, do not attempt this class. You should start with Computer Science 105 & 106. I have placed the demonstration projects and other materials on this page for you. 


Projects, Slides, & Videos
  • Review Lesson
  • 3-Tier design
  • Classes & Properties (Chapter 11)
    • Access modifiers
    • Public, protected, shared, etc.
  • Lesson 9
    • MDI & Library Projects (Chapter 24)
    • .Net Threading Model
    • XML comments
      (Chapter 20)
  • Lesson 10
    Collections & Custom Controls
  • Chapters 4 & 8
  • Mid-Term Exam on
    Review lesson, 9 & 10
  • Will be given on week 9
  • Exam review guide
  • Lesson 11
    SQL 2008 Express DATA BASES I (Using the ADO Objects & Wizards)
    Chapters 13 & 14
  • Lesson 12
    SQL 2008 Express DATA BASES II (ADO in Code with SQL 2008)
    Chapters 13 & 14
  • Optional Lesson

    Introduction to LINQ
  • Extra Stuff...

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Semester MDI Project

C# .Net Support

  • .Net Classes
  • C#.Net Language
  • C# Keywords 
  • C# Data Types  This lists the major data types we will be using.
  • Trapping Keystrokes note: A KeyPress event can involve any printable keyboard character, the CTRL key combined with a character from the standard alphabet or one of a few special characters, and the ENTER or BACKSPACE key.

    Use KeyDown and KeyUp event procedures to handle any keystroke not recognized by KeyPress, such as function keys, editing keys, navigation keys, and any combinations of these with keyboard modifiers.

Database Resources

Training Videos