Santiago Canyon College
Computer Science 205  & 206

SQL 2005 & VS2008 connection issue

OK. So you are trying to connect to a SQL database from within VS2008 and you get the message below. This is cause by incompatibility between SQL2005 and VS2008. My good friend Tony Lee did extensive research for us and found the solution. We cannot find a good explanation for this issue but it fixed my instructors computer in B-208 so we will try it on all the computers that were affected. Try it on your laptops if you are having this problem.

Step 1:

You run the SharedManagementObjects.msi for your system from the link below. Download and run the installer file.

Step 2:

Download & run the msi file named SQLSysClrTypes.msi from the link below. Be sure to choose the version for your particular CPU.