Santiago Canyon College


Computer Science 206

Web Programming Using ASP.NET

Ron Kessler
Spring 2012


PROJECT 3: Customer DB Front End
Documentation & Specifications






You are going to create a new database web application for a company (your choice). The project will allow you to display customer information into a grid.


This application is designed to give you practice with

  • Database connectivity
  • Datagrid behavior in ASP
  • ADO objects


Here are the minimum requirements for full credit

  1. Provide a user interface that will display customer info from an Access or SQL Database. Include first & last name, address, city, state, zip, & telephone number.
  2. Format the grid so the header looks good and has appropriate descriptions (Last Name vs Lname).
  3. You must have appropriate error handling.
  4. You must include a “readme” file so I know how your database is structured.
  5. You must have at least five (5) customer records in the table.
  6. Your program must run without any errors (I know I expect a lot don’t I?)
  7. You may use the ADO objects for this project like the datasource controls.


Specific Tips


  1. As always, it would be cool to include a logo/photo to dress up your app. Remember, it is a web page!
  2. Please include comments in your code and make sure you include a title and date of creation and any other stuff you want me to know about how your program works. If you are not sure, ask me about this.




This project is due week 15 of the semester. Please do not wait until the last minute to start this because it has a bunch of parts.