Nokia Lumia 1020 Learning How To Program
Windows Mobile Apps

On this page, I have assembled some projects for Windows Phone and Windows Store Apps. They are designed to get you started with C# and/or C# apps. You can run these apps inside Visual Studio in the emulator. If you have a phone or tablet, you can download the apps into the device if it is registered with Microsoft. Once you register it, it will be unlocked for development purposes. Check out my code helper for phone and store code snippets!

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C# & C# Apps

General Resources
  • Getting started
    Download & install your tools first!
  • Setting up your development computer
    • Step 1- Install Visual Studio 2013 then be sure to install VS 2013 update 2 if you do not already have this update. Update 2 installs the tools to develop Phone 8.1 apps as well as the new Windows Universal apps which will run on any Windows device.
    • Step 2- Have a Windows Phone? Then register it with Microsoft and get it unlocked. If you don't, you cannot download your projects to your phone.
    • Step 3- No phone? No problem! You can run your apps in the Visual Studio emulator.


Programming Notes:
  • Make sure you identify ALL the capabilities your app will need before testing and it and before submitting it. In solution explorer, expand the Properties node and double-click the WMAppManifest.xml entry. On the capabilities tab, choose the features your app requires. I have included a list for you.
    • For Bluetooth/WiFi apps select Proximity and Networking!
  • Lesson 1
    My first apps

  • Learning XAML, Visual Studio, and simple code
  • This "Getting Started" app shows how to add a textbox and button to navigate to a webpage. (This is the demo from Microsoft PublishIt event at SCC on May 17, 2014)
  • App 1-Phone demo 1 shows how to add some controls and simple code.
Learning to Code


  • Lesson 2
    Browsing the web
  • Working with the Internet
  • App 2- Create a "mini-browser" app


Recommended Videos
  • Lesson 3
    Simple Data Entry
  • Working with Listboxes, variables, and simple calculations
  • App 3- Simple data entry is similar to the projects in CS105 Lesson 3 where you learn about variables and simple math.
    • Ron's train store app.  C#  C#

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