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Working With Netduino Plus© and Other Single Board Computers (SBC) NetDuino Plus
What is this? Well, this demonstrates our ability to monitor sensors from anywhere in the world. Instead of this simple example, imagine a CO2 or CO or temperature sensor near a volcano. Or what about a sensor in your home that could call 9-1-1 if it detected excess heat or smoke. These small single-board-computers (SBC) allow us to monitor and interact with our environment in new ways. This new technology is called the "Internet of Things".

The control units on my desk send data to IOBridge.Com where they store it on their web server. Then, I link to my data on their server and display it on my page here.

Monitoring Your World With The IO-Bridge©

Here I am monitoring the temperature and humidity on my desk at home! 
Temperature (F) Humidity

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