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Applied Robotics & Embedded Programming introduces students to the world of microprocessors for devices such as those used in robotics, telephones, tablet PC’s, the automotive industry, & home automation. The Basic Stamp microprocessor and Single-Board Computers (SBC) will be used to design and implement robotic & home automation systems using, Visual Basic & PBasic programming languages. We are going to learn a lot of cool stuff!!





  • Purpose of our class & General goals:
    • Hands-on experience with:
      • PIC microcontroller
      • ARM microcontroller
      • x86 CPU
      • Multiple platforms
      • Windows Embedded
    • Hands-on Basic electronic circuits.
      • Use components first then control via microcontroller
      • Introduction to integrated circuits
    • Become familiar with at least two programming languages:
      • Visual Basic (used with home automation)
      • PBasic for the PIC (Boe-Bot) controller
    • We will use Home Automation as the model for combining all we learn into a nice package.
  • Setting things up
  • Basic Electricity & Electronics (details)
    • Simple switches & light bulbs
    • Resistors, capacitors, LED's, & relays
    • Bread boarding our circuits
    • Ohms law: how to compute voltages, resistance, and current in our circuits
    • How to build a AND circuit
    • How to build a OR circuit
    • Using transistors as switches & more!
  • Lesson 4
    Introduction to Sensors, Servos, & Relays

    Chapter 4: Boe-Bot Navigation


  • Lesson 5
    Home Automation
  • Welcome to Home Automation
  • Introducing Phidgets
  •  PhidgetInterfaceKit 0/0/4 info & manual
  • HA ActivityOur first WINDOWS C# app using Phidgets. Get the project here.

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