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Welcome to my video training series for Visual Basic. These videos are designed to give you a chance to really learn how to program. It is difficult to learn programming from a book or even in a class sometimes. You need a lot of practice and you need to be able to go back over certain topics many times. Well, now you can learn and review whenever you like! The videos range from the beginning stages of programming to the advanced. I hope you find them useful!


  • Getting Started with VB
Learning to Program Video Training Series Part 1: Introduction to programming.

1. Your first project  video
2. Adding some controls video
3. Modifying your controls with Properties  video
4. Naming your controls & making them respond video
5. Writing more code to add features video
6. Setting up some Visual Studio Options video

Get the project I used in the videos here.

Learning to Program Video Training Series Part 2: Using Common Controls

Learning more about text boxes video
Check out the Masked Text box video
Link Label adds hyperlinks to your app. video
Using List Boxes video
Using Combo Boxes video
Calendar controls and tool tips  video
How to fill a list box at design time
Take the selected item in a ListBox & put it into a textbox

Get the Learning to Program Part 2 project

  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • 3-Tier Architecture Series

1-Setting up
2-Setup Forms
3-Showing Forms
4-Build New Classes
5-Adding Properties
6-Adding methods
7-Find Customer
8-Code Search form
9-Add new customer
10-Final Touches

  • MS Access & VB

Access Downloads:

  • Under the hood of VB (205 class)
  • HTML for VB Programmers

Intro to html part 1
Intro to html part 2
Intro to html part 3

  • Your First ASP.Net Application

Intro to ASP part 1 Basic data entry and controls.
Intro to ASP part 2 Streamreader, application paths, closing the browser, hyperlinks, and more!

  • SQL Server Express Series

SQL Downloads:


SQL Video Page

Updated 8/24/2011