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Race Car Engineering Class

Ronald P.Kessler, Ph.D.
Advisor, UCI Race Car Engineering Teams
Retired Professor, Santiago Canyon College

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Updated 1/1/2024
  • Study Group Update: New lesson #12 for AM Radio, LoRa, and XBEE. Lesson 9: Op amps and RC filterer. Lesson 10 for learning C# & Arduino using Visual Studio. See lesson 11 for Microchip Studio and Microprocessor programming for Arduino in C/C++ and Assembly languages. I updated RC filter paper also. See lower left box below.
  • Added new section for EV Resouces below. Includes Multisim schematics and training videos.
  • The Best way to learn engineering by Jeremy Fielding Video
  • SAE online High Voltage Training Course
EV Team
Mini Baja Team 2022-2023

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Unit Testing, Diagnostics, & Data Acquisition
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