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Ronald P.Kessler, Ph.D.
Advisor, UCI Race Car Engineering Teams
Retired Professor, Santiago Canyon College

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UCI Energy Invitational 2019
Automotive Sensors & Diagnostics
Announcements for Spring 2023
Week 9

Updated 5/31/2023
EV Team
Mini Baja Team
Unit Testing & Data Acquisition


Telemetry & Communication Protocols
Contact me at RPKessler@hotmail.com


VB105 Visual Basic Programming
CS 106 Intermediate Visual Basic Programming
CS 205 Advanced Visual Basic Programming
CS 206 ASP.Net With VB & C#
CS 120 Introduction to Programming (C++)
CS 121 Programming Concepts (C++)
CS 131 Data Structures (C++)

CS 213 Introduction to C# Programming

CS 157 Introduction to Robotics Programming
CS 257 Applied Robotics & Embedded Programming
CS 198 Home Automation & Networking Fundamentals

Remote Control Robotics Projects

My SCC team represented USA in the World Finals in NYC.
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