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Intermediate Computer Programming Using Visual Basic and Visual Studio

C# projects, training videos, and supporting documents

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This class is the second of four programming classes for C#. If you have never programmed before, you should start with Computer Science 105.

I have placed the demonstration projects and other materials on this page for you. Click on the presentation you want to review. To download a project, click on the item here and Windows will ask where to save your file.



Projects, Slides, & Videos

  • Review Lesson
    ATM project. Making Decisions with IF statements, Select Case, & Loops. (Chapter 21) View Slides
  • Lesson 5
    Using Loops & data validation (Chapter 22)


  • Using Loops

    Loop Test Demo
    Using List boxes Part 1
    Using List boxes Part 2  Video
    Data Validation Project  Video
  • Trapping Keystrokes note: A KeyPress event can involve any printable keyboard character, the CTRL key combined with a character from the standard alphabet or one of a few special characters, and the ENTER or BACKSPACE key.

    Use KeyDown and KeyUp event procedures to handle any keystroke not recognized by KeyPress, such as function keys, editing keys, navigation keys, and any combinations of these with keyboard modifiers. They fire in this order: KeyDown, KeyPress, KeyUp.
  • Introduction to File I/O (Traditional Method)

Loading a List Box from a disk file Slides

Videos for the "traditional" method:
Part 1 Read from disk file
Part 2 Write to a disk file
Part 3 Structured Error Handlers & Custom Sub routines


  • Lesson 7
    Custom Subs, Functions, & Classes(chapters 12, 17, 25 & 26)
    Get all projects here
  • Lesson 8
    Using Multiple Forms,
    Custom Classes, & introduction to simple SQL
    database applications.
  • Extras   

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Required Projects


    In Class Projects    

  • File IO project

Netduino Mini


Videos & Slide Shows


SQL DB Video Series