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I have placed the demonstration projects and other materials on this page for you. Click on the presentation you want to review. To download a project, click on the item here and Windows will ask where to save your file. After the file is downloaded to your computer, unzip it to find the project.



Projects & Videos

  • Lesson 3
    Learning to code JavaScript
    (Chapter 2)

    Chapter 2 Slides

    HTML Events
  • Lesson 5
    Using Loops (Chapter 8, p. 290)

  • Lesson 6
    Custom Functions, Events, Arrays & Objects (Chapters 9, 10, 11)

    JavaScript events  (Summary table)
  • Lesson 7
    Client-Side Validation, try-catch error handling. (Chapter 12)

    Exercise 7-1 Bookstore Ver.2
  • Lesson 8
    Introduction to Server-Side scripting using ASP.Net, Visual Studio, & Expression Web.
    Please look at my CS206 page if you want to learn a ton more!

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